I don't know what sucker list my boyfriend got his phone number on, but this Solar American no fewer than 15 times a week. They don't even know who they're asking for and they refuse to believe us when we say we're not interested and they NEVER stop calling!!!!

What else can we do but commence a complaint with the FTC. It's a hassle but maybe they

Will stop when they're fined! If you're going to cold call people, maybe you should by listening to what the person you called has asked you to do!

Ya think?

Please stop calling people when they ask you to do so! Out next call is to the FTC

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Never stop phoning.

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Go to a marine store & buy an air horn . Blast it in the phone microphone . It wont stop them but hopefully they will not be able to hear for awhile.


I'm getting calls from 'American Solar' and they keep using different spoofed numbers. Each time it's a different number.

to Anonymous #1540958

I'm getting the same calls! I block the number and the very next day the same recording saying,,hi this is Jason comes up on my answering machine. This company just changes the number but keeps the same area code as I have!!


fyi Solar America (also known as clean energy experts) is owned by SunRun. Here is the email to the man who manages the solar America department: williamwinter@cleanenergyexperts.com or william.winter@sunrun.com Also here is the email for one of the department leads Steve.serafin@sunrun.com feel free to email them your complaints. Don’t let them get away with this harassment.


These *** have been calling me 10 plus times a week. 3 times today.

I began to polity ask if I could be removed from their call list and they hung up on me(not the first time).

I called the number back and a nice gentleman with no knowledge or affiliation with this sham of a company answered and said they've hijscked his ph number and gets multiple calls from other people with the same issue. I cant wait for them to call again, I think i'm going to have them come out and give me a quote:)


One call from these jerks every hour of the day. *** me off to no end. Stop it now.

San Jose, California, United States #1351870

Tired of all the calls and inability to stop them so I'm passing the pain down the food chain. I'm allowing them to schedule appointments and the when the contractor shows up I tell them I would never do business with Solar America, won't in the future ever do business with that contractor, and will post my experience on Next Door to try and get others to do the same. Enough bad experiences and the contractors they use will dry up.

Fremont, California, United States #1350590

They are harassing me non-stop. Where do I file a complaint?

Tempe, Arizona, United States #1340304

Lightpath solar has been harassing me. They started in Feb and cancel an appt I made with the sole purpose of giving them a cease and desist letter.

Alvin Mendietta was the salesman. When I called him and told him to make sure no one called me again he agreed. April they started calling again. I set another appt with the sole purpose of giving them a cease and desist.

Brad Benson came out and became violent when he got the cease and desist. Since then January Harrison the company owner has been harassing me. Not a legit company, using a Post office box address. Calls from them had been coming for 2 yr , didnt matter if you tell them your on the DNC list or that you are not interested.

They call as early as 7 in the morning.

My number is also unlisted and unpublished. Yet they refuse to leave me alone

Tempe, Arizona, United States #1337533

I as well have gotten these calls from Solar America as well as another that states I had stayed at one of their resorts?, they call my cell then they call my home number and often as 2 or 3 times a day.

I tell them I'm not interested and advise them on use cold fusion for my power and to stop calling me and yet they still they call.

I attempted to call one of the numbers back, but then I get a personal number, each time they call it's a different phone and area code.

My problem is I'm expecting calls (like the rest of us!) that are business related and it gets very annoying to answer the call that your expecting and get a telemarketer that are suppose to be blocked by the DNCR!

San Fernando, California, United States #1320482

I am receiving calls from American Solar at least 3 times a day. I keep blocking the numbers and then a new number calls.

The guy isn't even a real person, its an automated voice. If anyone has any suggestions that worked for them, I would love to know what to do.

Driving me insane. I am a renter, and they still call.

Queen Creek, Arizona, United States #1319307

They call me four or five times a day. I have solar and have told them so. Still they call me.

Tucson, Arizona, United States #1302384

Same here, 25 times in 45 days is a crime. I am now out to get them.

to TucsonGuy #1309958

Me too. I just don't know how.

The bbb won't help. The attorney general won't help.

to TucsonGuy #1309959

Me too. I just don't know how.

The bbb won't help. The attorney general won't help.


Ditto! How they got our number is beyond us as well

to Anonymous #1328818

They either buy lists or just call random numbers. It’s cheap for them to do this and the telephone companies don’t seem to have any interest in stopping them.

Old Bridge Township, New Jersey, United States #1266078

What I often do is answer the phone and ask them to hold on for a minute...put the phone down...and never come back...sometimes it takes them several minutes to realize I'm not coming back and this seems to annoy them...they stop calling for a day or two...and when they start calling again they seem to be quite exasperated when I ask them to hold on for a minute...try it.


I get multiple calls a day from this Solar America. The phone numbers are always different.

Sometimes it states it's the local hospital, or pharmacy or a person....never Solar America. I even had it say it was me calling my own number. They never stop and no matter who you report it to it continues.

Someone needs to go after the company. I could be in a report every day, several times a day all with different numbers...it's always going to be the same company.

to Anonymous Old Bridge Township, New Jersey, United States #1266071

I get called 30 times a week...I usually don't answer..but when I do, it's, you guessed it, Solar America...asking to be taken off their call list is futile...in some instances, I've called the number back...most of the numbers are claimed by Verizon to be out of service...this is a Verizon problem...they are the ones who should be fixing this...today I called back a number and got a voice recording from a man who states "I did not call you. My number has been hijacked."... His mail box was full...I've received 10 calls in the last 2 days from his number.

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